background1A consultation generally lasts 90 minutes initially, with follow ups as required. A full medical history is taken and physical examination as appropriate.

Discussion of diet, nutrition, home and emotional factors are most important.
Prescriptions are made up at the end of the consultation from a number of herbs in the dispensary.
Most Herbalists use tinctures and dried herbs . The herbs are sourced from all over the World including Europe, North America, China and include a vast range of tropical plants.

Look for a member Of The National Institute Of Medical Herbalists. The Institute was founded in 1864 and membership has been examined since 1902. All members have completed a four year course and are trained in Western Medical Diagnosis including anatomy, physiology, diagnosis and clinical methods.
Plant Sciences including Botany, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Materia medica (plant actions) Philosophy, Therapeutics and Nutritional effects on health and disease.

Contacting a Member Of The national Institute ensures you see a fully trained practitioner who is properly insured.